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Iran invites Azerbaijan to invest in gold and copper deposits
(Minews) - Iran is inviting Azerbaijani investors to invest in the development of gold and copper deposits in the Ardabil province, especially in the Meshkinshahr and Sarein regions.

"The Meshkinshahr region is rich in gold and copper and there are favourable conditions for making investments," Iran's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen told Trend on April 1.

He went on to say, "From an economic point of view it is reasonable that Azerbaijani and Iranian investors make joint investments in the gold and copper deposits of this region."

The ambassador also stressed it is also possible to invest in the region's tourism sector thanks to Meshkinshahr's location at the foot of the Savalan Mountain.

"There are nine balnearies in the region, as well as over 420 historical monuments. There are also favourable conditions for making investments in the tourism, opening hotels and entertainment centres," Pak Ayeen said.

He also said the city of Sarein and its surroundings also have favourable conditions for tourism development and this place has always been a focus of Azerbaijani tourists.

The governing body of the Ardabil province is implementing a programme to support overseas and especially Azerbaijani investors, the diplomat said.

Iran's embassy and the governing body of Ardabil province are ready to assist in providing the needed preferences for Azerbaijani investors in making investments in Sarein and Meshkinshahr, he added.

Pak Ayeen made ​​a visit to Ardabil province last week and met with the representatives of the Meshkinshahr and Sarein cities' parliaments and heads of executive powers.
Publish date : Wednesday 2 April 2014 01:30
Story Code: 6040
Source : Trend