Our Code of Ethics
Ethical code & policy of Mine News

Mine News has been launched on Azar 1392 (Nov-Dec 2013) with the aim of providing breaking news, information and its analysis as well as reviewing opportunities and threats ahead of mines and mining industries sector in order to contribute in mineralization of Iran economy.

To achieve this, we defined our ethical code & policy as below:

1- Commitment to provide accurate, transparent and impartial news within the framework of law and national interest, with accuracy and quickness in news reporting
2- Promoting the culture of circulating correct, transparent and healthy information in mines and mining industries sector
3- Preventing lobby in access to information and encouraging and facilitating equal access of all individuals to information related to various parts of mines and mining industries sector
4- Trying to make improvement in mines area
5- Upgrading and optimizing the level of knowledge, vision and experience of experts and people in mines and mining industries sector according to mining regulation, twenty-year perspective plan, five year plans and laws and government regulations in Iran
6- Having professional respect and dignity with reliance on scientific logic
7- Avoiding any disrespect and insult to individuals and legal entities
8- Understanding needs of our readers and try to satisfy them
9- Optimum use of all resources in order to achieve our defined goals and increasing productivity
10- Describing and reflecting successful examples in individual and collective level, locally and globally
11- Consolidating satisfaction and confidence of our readers about the content and news in Mine News
12- Having honesty and adherence to commitments and ethics, preserving mutual respect, team work and being regulated and responsible and respecting the dignity of our workers

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