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Iran exports 12 million tonnes of iron ore in 9 months
(Minews) - Bernama reported that Iran's state run and private iron ore production companies exported 12 million tonnes of iron ore in the first 9 months of the current Iranian calendar year.

Iron ore exports are projected to hit 20 million tonnes by the end of the present year. The Iranian year begins on March 21 and ends March 20 the following year. Iran exported 20 million tonnes of iron ore in the previous calendar year ending March 20, 2013.

In September last year, Mr Mohammad Habibi, an official of Iran's Iron Ore Producers and Exporters Union, predicted that iron ore exports would increase by 10% in the current calendar year.

He expressed hope that tax problems would be resolved soon in order for iron ore exports to be boosted. The country's domestic need for steel production units have led to a sharp decline in exports of iron ore last year.
Publish date : Tuesday 14 January 2014 02:01
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