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Coal use in Germany the highest in 24 years
Group Others - Coal-generated electricity spiked in Germany last year to its highest level since 1990, despite the country’s campaign to shift to green sources of energy by 2022.
(Minews) - Industry figures show that bituminous coal and lignite together contributed 45.5% to the country’s gross energy output in 2013, up from 44% the previous year.

Brown coal accounted for electricity to the tune of 162 billion kilowatt hours, equivalent to about 25% of Germany's total electricity production of 629 billion kilowatt hours in 2013, industry group Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen said.

Environmentalists, reports AP, criticized the mounting use of coal, saying it is a "dirty" source because of the large amount of carbon dioxide released when it is burned.

They are now asking for energy reforms to increase the costs of operating coal-fired power stations –especially those that use brown coal, a highly polluting fuel.
Publish date : Thursday 9 January 2014 19:57
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