About us
In the name of God

The hidden treasure of earth is in our hands

A leading and dynamic media outlet can represent the demands of miners and introduce the position and potential of this sector to public opinion.

That's what Mine News aims for;

Our goals are providing news rapidly and immediately, publishing the price of stock and mineral products daily, gathering information and its analysis and reviewing opportunities and threats ahead of mines and mining industries sector; in one word, help to mineralization of Iran economy is our goal.

We are seeking to respond a historical need ...

Why mine sector, despite its great potentials, hasn't found its real position in economy of Iran?

Why the share of mine in gross domestic product (GDP), in a country with great potential for mining output, is less than a few percent?

And why the role of mines and mining industries sector, not only in the eyes of officials and policy makers but also among public opinion and media, has been neglected?

We are seeking to make a tie between miners, officials and people through responding to these questions and from their relation pave the way for mine sector to recover its real position.

In order to achieve this goal, Mine news members welcome the help of those who are keen to contribute in expansion and development of our country.

Founding boards and members of policy making council