Minews 9 Jan 2014 20:07 http://www.minews.ir/en/doc/news/2158/iran-plans-to-raise-iron-ore-export-tariffs -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iran Plans to Raise Iron Ore Export Tariffs -------------------------------------------------- Iran plans to impose 10% tariffs on iron ore exports starting March 21, 2014, and the rate will be raised to 20% within three years but not 25% announced earlier, according to Jafar Sargheini, Iran's vice mining and industry minister. Text : (Minews) - Iran has been the fourth biggest iron ore source for China after Australia, Brazil and South Africa; and its iron ore exports mainly supply China. Data show that Iran exported 20.72 million tons of iron ores to China in the first 11 months last year, up 33.6% year on year.