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Global DRI output rises 2.6% in July as Iran, UAE counter India fall
(Minews) - Global direct reduction iron (DRI) output in July rose by 2.6% year on year to 5.23 million mt, as Iran, the UAE, Venezuela and Canada boosted production to counter a drop from India, according to World Steel Association data released Thursday.

DRI output in Iran rose to 1.26 million mt last month, from 1.13 million mt in July 2014, Worldsteel data showed.

DRI production in the United Arab Emirates in July more than trebled to 307,000 mt on a year earlier.

Egypt accounted for 235,000 mt, down 5% year on year.

Libya produced only 25,000 mt, compared with 83,000 mt in the year-ago period.

Saudi Arabia's Hadeed produced 475,000 mt of DRI in July, slightly off the 481,000 mt in July 2014.

Qatari output of 237,000 mt last month was up from 223,000 mt a year earlier.

India accounted for 1.64 million mt of DRI output, down 9% year on year.

Venezuelan DRI output surged to 115,000 mt, up 54%.

Canada saw 13.7% growth to 156,000 mt.

Mexico accounted for 500,000 mt of the overall total last month, up from 469,000 mt in July 2014.

Trinidad & Tobago produced 85,000 mt, down 26.5% year on year.
Publish date : Friday 21 August 2015 08:05
Story Code: 26994
Source : Platts