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Iranian researchers produce zinc from mining waste
(Minews) - Iranian researchers have produced the world’s third strategic metal using mining waste.

Iranian researchers at a Science Park in Markazi Province, central Iran, recovered slag from zinc industries, ISNA reported.

Ali Azimi, the lead researcher, said the project finds a solution for extracting zinc of high purity from slag and industrial waste.

Using the method of sublimation and pressure, the researchers separated zinc from elements such as iron, cadmium and lead, and increased zinc purity.

He also said zinc with 80%-85% purity is no longer used in industries, adding that the method increases the purity to 99.99 percent, which is a standard grade for industries.

Azimi noted that the country has established two factories for zinc production with these properties.

The firms will start operations by producing 2 tons of zinc ingots.
Publish date : Wednesday 5 August 2015 17:02
Story Code: 26600
Source : Financial Tribune