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Algeria keen to buy copper from Iran: Envoy
(Minews) - Iran's Commercial Attaché in Algeria announced that the North African country is willing to purchase the copper it needs from Iran.

"Algeria needs copper to provide raw materials for its industries, and Iran can supply part of their need," the Iranian attaché said on Friday.

The remarks came as new Algerian Ambassador to Iran Ahriz Abdelmoun'aam had earlier voiced his country's readiness to boost Tehran-Algiers cooperation in diverse economic areas, including construction and development projects.

Speaking in a Monday meeting with Iran's Minister of Road and Urban Development Abbas Akhondi, Abdelmoun'aam said Algeria is determined to boost mutual cooperation with Iran in various areas, ranging from tourism to implementation of construction projects, road and railroad construction as well as dam building and electricity generation.

There is a good potential for Iran and Algeria to develop mutual cooperation in mining sector, given their prosperous mine and mineral industries.
Publish date : Sunday 12 July 2015 23:03
Story Code: 26001
Source : Tasnim