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Plan targeted for access to 2m tons of concentrated coal
(Minews) - The executive of Tabas Coal said on the basis of a five-year plan it is expected that production of concentrated coal in Tabas region will amount to 2 million tons from the present 750 thousand tons.

Omid Fallah said studies show that 55% of the identified reserves of coal in Iran are located in Tabas region.

He put the geological reserves of the Tabas region at 2.5 billion tons of which 1.1 billion tons of washing coal reserves are in Parvardeh region and 1.4 billion tons of thermal coal reserves are in Mezino region.

He said a plan has been launched for the development of coal mines with an aim of exploiting east Parvardeh reserves as well as Parvardeh 2, 3 and 4, thermal coal reserves in Mezino region and exploitation activity in all the four Parvadeh regions, Ab-Doghi, Nayband and Mezino Tabas.

Fallah said currently coke building factories with a capacity of over 3.6 million tons have been established in the country but the annual production of concentrated coal is 1.5 million tons.

Referring to the annual three million coal shortage in the country, the official noted that if the 70 million euro fund is finalized this year, a project will be launched and become operational within 49 months and 450 thousand tons of concentrated coal will be added to the country’s production capacity.

Ministry of Industry, Mine and trade put the concentrated coal production at 1.150 million tons last year which shows an increase of 25% as compared to the previous year.

It is predicted that concentrated coal production this year will amount to 1.200 million tons.
Publish date : Monday 6 July 2015 20:42
Story Code: 25867
Source : IRNA