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Iran planning to expand investment in Afghanistan's mineral resources
(Minews) - An Iranian mining industry official said that the country is keen to expand its investment activities in Afghanistan, in mining and processing industries in particular.

Amir Khorrami Shaad, a senior official at the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation (IMIDRO), said that Afghanistan is rich in mineral reserves and is in a satisfactory condition for the establishment of processing factories which leads to the development of Iran's Eastern provinces.

The official also said that Afghanistan is a country rich in mines and has unique opportunities for investment in iron ore, copper, niobium, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium.

Khorrami Shaad put the value of the explored Afghanistan mines at about $850 billion and said that if investment is made for the processing of the minerals annually over $5 billion can be obtained through the export of the processed materials.

He said Afghanistan has no access to open seas and Iran’s Chabahar Free Zone is proper for the export of the materials to the world.

Iran is one of the most important donors to Afghanistan which has kept its promises to help to the reconstruction of the war-hit country.

Also, Iran has built some roads, power transmission lines, and border stations, among the other infrastructure projects which would better link the two nations.

Iran has also contributed more than $50mln annually to Afghan anti-narcotics efforts in the last decade.
Publish date : Tuesday 3 March 2015 20:14
Story Code: 22261
Source : FNA