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Participation of more Iranian companies are expected in MENA mining show
The MENA Mining Show attracts over 100 exhibitors and 1500 attendees including delegations from 10 MENA ministries, regional governments and local investors and the event is where mining companies come to raise capital, win exploration licenses and buy world-class solutions as well as meeting leading equipment and service providers who will demonstrate the latest solutions for mining projects in the region.

Here is the David Beguely, General Manager of Mena Mining Show 2014 interview with Minews reporter in Dubai

Mr. Beguely I hope that the MENA Mining Show was successful in this timing to 2014 and would you please describe me more about event and also the attends, it was fruitful for you or not?

Yeah, thannk you. I’m glad to do this interview. You know the MENA Mining Show is very successful event for my company. It’s the first year we actually signed an agreement and partnership with industrial development and mining organization to look at out temporar sustainable mining practices across the whole Middle East and North Africa region. We don’t just focus on this region. We also bring mining ministries from across East Africa, part of Central Africa as well and mining companies from around, You know from Iran, the subcontinents all over; to ready to look at large events and under explored and underinvested region in the mining sector. So it’s focus of the show. It had a lot of interests from international companies looking to get to the region and a lot f support from local companies that have been developing really big projects out here for number of years.

I was in a conference, I mean the conference you know going to head now and eyes about speeches, people coming and you know make lecture there …

Yeah, I think the conferences been really interesting this year. I think some of the thing we have picked upon and I suggest everybody know it’s challenging global environment for mining for number of reasons: its related to commodity price, operation expenditure is going up but I think, you know, it was good to be here, some for economist point of view and they want where they see the outlook going for number of different commodities and where the MENA region ready to fit into this. In the different countries, they can how supply mine into the futures. It's different companies good understanding of know when and where to invest especially in this region, in the time it’s hard to find the right information. Know about where it is possible to explore, to develop projects.

What’s your idea about about MENA in the future? Do you think that Iranian companies can participate in the exhibition or not?

Certainly I mean for us, Iran is really important market for the future. We have significant interest and what is happening in Iranian mining industry, people want to know. People want to get involved. There is obviously challenges for that but the interest certainly exist and I think people looking forward to being able to get involved in the industry. We hope in the short-term the reality of doing and going business in that area is starting to come, I guess looks growing for the companies.

At the end, do you have any suggestion or idea about how we can improve this exhibition and how we can promote the Iranian companies participate here?

Yeah, I think in terms of improving it’s just important people come and be prepare to meets and you know, people and media faces I mean we are trying to create a community, a regional community of mining industry professionals that doesn’t really exist and it’s important to have this cooperation so that we can develop sustainable mining practices that really provide benefit for the countries and which mining is operating in and I think the opportunity to have more Iranian companies is suitable and welcome more in the future.

I think that in Iran in university especially we have good professors and doctors about mining industries. Do you have any idea to invite them as a lecture to be here in your conferences?

Yeah, veracity is all about best practice, so we believe that it’s better for people to talk about the experiences they have and share them with other, so they can be able to learn for the future so certainly we would be happy to see different topics area expertise that Iranian could speak on it and get involved in the event.

Interview By Alireza Jafarinejad
Publish date : Tuesday 21 October 2014 15:19
Story Code: 18314