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Miner killed in Soma work accident
(Minews) - A miner died in a work accident on Tuesday in Soma, a town in Manisa province, where 301 miners died in a disaster that received worldwide attention in May of this year.

According to media reports, Metin Keskin, 36, was seriously injured after being trapped between construction equipment and an iron pole. Keskin was rescued by his colleagues and rushed to Soma State Hospital, where he later died. Gendarmes are investigating the

The town came to public attention after a mining blast killed hundreds earlier this year. The accident, which occurred on May 13, was the deadliest mining disaster in Turkey's history. A fire had erupted in a coal mine, and most of the miners inside died from carbon monoxide
poisoning. The number of miners injured was 486, while 122 were hospitalized following the tragedy.

Workplace accidents are a frequent occurrence in Turkey. According to a report released by the İstanbul Workers' Health and Job Safety Assembly, 1,100 people died in work-related accidents in the first seven months of 2014. The report states that mining is the sector
responsible for the most work-related deaths since January of this year. Turkey has the highest number of work-related deaths in Europe, with 12,686 people in the past 12 years.

The lack of safety regulations in Turkish workplaces has also been the subject of European Union progress reports.
Publish date : Wednesday 3 September 2014 02:11
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Source : Today's Zaman